History – The National Uprising of 1857

Std VIII – Ch 5

Question Op1 Op2 Op3 Op4 Answer
In which cantonment, Mangal Pandey shot at the British officer? Barrackpore Kanpur Merath Lucknow 1
Who annexed more states between 1848 to 1856? Lord Dalhousie Lord Cornwallis Lord Bentinck Lord Hastings 1
Who was proclaimed the Emperor of India? Bahadur Shah Jafar Ahmedulla Bakht Khan  Kunwar Singh 1
Where did Rani Laxmibai fight the British? Lahore Mysore Jhansi Pondicherry 3
Where did Nanasaheb Peshwa fight the British? Nagpur Calcutta Shillong Kanpur 4
Where did Kunwar Singh fight the British? Rangoon Jagdishpur Panipat Plassey 2
Where did Maulavi Ahmedulla fight the British? Bundelkhand Bagelkhand Jharkhand Rohilkhand 4
What appeal did Umaji Naik make to the people? Unite against Ahmed Shah Abdali Let women go to schools Fight against the British and overthrow their rule Keep India clean 3
What news hurt the religious sentiments of the Indian soldiers? No holidays for festivals. Greased covering of the cartridges contained the fat of cows or of pigs. No meat to eat. They had to travel by ships. 2
How did Lord Dalhousie take possession of Avadh? Dethroned the Nawab of Avadh under the pretext of mismanagement Applied the Doctrine of Lapse. Blockaded Avadh. Conquered Avadh. 1