Synod on Synodality

Synod on Synodality is said to take place in Rome in October 2023.  Discussions are going on about 53 questions in parishes for preparation for Synod.  It seems to me the outcome is predetermined and discussions are a charade to say there was demand from faithful.  It happened in the case of Amoris Laetitia and Traditionis Custodes.  Francis wants to turn the Church inside out and upside down.

Anyway, here are my suggestions for discussion during Synod.

Many things need to be restored, some with modifications.  They are the following:

Eucharistic fast should be from midnight without food, liquid including water, and medicine. Communion should be received kneeling. Churches should have communion rails.

Tabernacle should be in centre.

After Gospel reading those who are not members of the Church should be asked to leave.

All Fridays of the year and Wednesdays of Lent should be days of abstinence.

Ember Days and Rogation Days should be restored.  Rogation Days should be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Ascension.

Ember Days and 40 days of Lent should be days of fast.

It should be black vestments for Lent, funeral and requiem masses, and All Souls Day.

Octaves and Vigils suppressed by Pius XII and others should be restored.

Sequences suppressed by Pius V should be restored.

Orders of porter, lector, exorcist, acolyte and subdiaconate should be restored.

Amice, maniple and such vestments should be restored.

Tenebrae, galero and 50 feet magna capa should be restored.

Christmas Season should be of 40 days.

Time after Pentecost should be restored as Pentecost Season beginning with Pentecost Sunday.

Pre-1969 dress for bishops and cardinals should be restored.  Pope should wear tiara and use sedia gestatoria.

Cremation should be banned.  Burial at sea may be permitted.

I propose some changes.

Tridentine rite hierarchy should be set up.

Use of previous breviaries, lectionaries, missals, pontifical and sacramentaries should be permitted.

There should be no retirement age for clerics.  Seniormost priest in a diocese should become bishop.  Seniormost bishop in a province should become archbishop.  There should be no metropolitans.  Seniormost archbishop in a region should become cardinal.  Seniormost cardinal should become pope.

Married men who were permanent deacons for three years be ordained priests.

Penalties should be anathema, interdict, suspension and excommunication.

Grounds for excommunication – Excommunication – ಕೊಂಕಣ್ (

Dialogue with non-Christians should end.

Ecumenism with non-Catholic Christians should end.

Canons 284 and 669 regarding ecclesiastical dress and religious habits should be enforced.