Pope for Sedevacantists

Pope for Sedevacantists

Sedevacantists hold that no Pope has been validly elected after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.  They do not accept the decrees of Second Vatican Council.  Sedevacantism means the Chair is vacant.  The Chair here refers to the Chair of Pope who is Bishop of Rome.  John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis are not valid Popes for Sedevacantists.  Congregatio Mariae Reginae Immaculatae, Novus Ordo Watch, and Society of St. Pius V are among Sedevacantists.

There are Catholics who do not accept Popes after Pius XII and have their own Popes.  The number of followers of such Popes varies.  They are not Sedevacantists.

There are some who blame Pius XII for the changes he made in liturgy.  For them he began the process that damaged the Church.  John XXIII was the link between Pius XII and Paul VI.  Paul the VI completed the process.

On 20/9/2018 I wrote to Novus Ordo Watch.

Subject: bishops and priests

“Who consecrates your bishops and ordains your priests?  Pope’s approval is needed to consecrate bishops.  You do not recognise popes from John XXIII onwards.  That is from 1958 and 60 years now.  Bishops consecrated before that are dead.  Pius XII changed many things.  He suppressed most octaves and vigils, changed Holy Week liturgy, changed ceremony for consecration of bishops, reduced communion fast to three hours.  Why are you not against him?”

On 20/9/2018 I wrote to Novus Ordo Watch.

  I got the reply.


“The law that the Pope’s explicit approval is required for the consecration of a bishop is a church law only, not a

divine law, and automatically ceases if it becomes harmful or impossible to fulfill. The  Church was made for souls,

not souls for the Church.


The Pope has every right to make changes to the Sacred Liturgy. The problem with Paul VI and his gang is not

that they made changes but what kind of changes they made.”



I wrote.


“Not good for a see to be vacant for 60 years.  You can have a bishop of Rome.”


See means seat or diocese.


There was no reply to that.


On 22/9/2018 I wrote to NOW.

Subject:  Bishop of Rome

“Not good for a see to be vacant for 60 years.  I can be bishop of Rome.  The territory of Diocese of Rome

will include all countries and territories except USA.  I understand you are not outside USA.  I will retain the

right to marry.  Clerical celibacy is church law, not divine law.  I will restore octaves, vigils, liturgical

sequences, tenebrae suppressed by Pius XII and other popes.  I will allow Benedectine, Capuchin,

Carmelite, Carthusian, Cistercian, Dominican, Franciscan, Gilbertine, Norbertine, Beneventan, Celtic, Gallican,

Lyonnais rites.  Oriental Rites will continue.  I will restore communion fast from midnight without food, water,

other liquids and medicine.  I will bring back Holy Week liturgy as it was before Pius XII.  Chrism mass will have

twelve priests, seven deacons and seven subdeacons.”


There was no reply.


I posted that message on CMRI web site.  No reply.