Intentions for October 2022

General Intention: Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for end of corruption in the world.  Keep honest persons honest.  Make corrupt persons honest.  Give strength to subordinates to resist pressure from superiors to be corrupt.  Grant that nobody asks and receives bribes and kickbacks and nobody gives bribes and kickbacks.  Make all corrupt deeds public.  Grant that every politician, bureaucrat, judge, police person, military person, government employee and any other person is incorrupt.  Root out corruption from every sphere of life.  Destroy all incorrigible and recalcitrant corrupt persons.

Missionary Intention: Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that all heathens in India and Indian heathens abroad receive baptism and become Catholics. We pray that all Orthodox and Protestants in India become Catholics. Grant that all Catholics in India keep commandments and lead good and chaste lives; keep Sunday and holy day obligation; do not take part in any heathen ceremony or ritual; do not steal, murder or bear false witness; and do not covet neighbour’s belongings.