Intentions for November 2022

General Intention: Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for defence of marriage as a permanent moral exclusive union between a man and a woman for mutual love and procreation and education of children. Grant that laws contrary to that are repealed. Keep married people faithful in marriage.  Let there be no adultery or any sex outside marriage. Grant that there are no invalid marriages and no valid marriage is annulled. End polygamy, concubinage, live-in partnership and prostitution.

Missionary Intention: Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that all heathens in China and Chinese heathens abroad receive baptism and become Catholics. We pray that all Orthodox and Protestants in China become Catholics. Grant that all Catholics in China keep commandments and lead good and chaste lives; keep Sunday and holy day obligation; do not take part in any heathen ceremony or ritual; do not steal, murder or bear false witness; and do not covet neighbour’s belongings. Grant that Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association is dissolved.