Intentions for February 2023

General Intention: Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that there is no price rise of food, clothing, footwear, housing, petrol, diesel, liquified petroleum gas, piped natural gas, compressed natural gas, electricity, medicine, stationery and other things.  Grant that there are no freebies, subsidies, loan waivers and loan write-offs. Grant that borrowers from banks pay back their loans and do not resort to corporate debt restructuring, strategic debt restructuring, or scheme for sustainable structuring of stressed assets.

Missionary Intention: Lord Jesus Christ, we pray that all Non-Christians in Pakistan and Pakistani Non-Christians abroad receive baptism and become Catholics. We pray that all Orthodox and Protestants in Pakistan become Catholics. Grant that all Catholics in Pakistan keep commandments and lead good and chaste lives; keep Sunday and holy day obligation; do not take part in any Non-Christian ceremony or ritual; do not steal, murder or bear false witness; and do not covet neighbour’s belongings.