History – Laying the Foundation of the Freedom Struggle

Std VIII – Chapter 7

Question Op1 Op2 Op3 Op4 Answer
Where did Surendranath Banerjee convene an all-India national conference in 1883? Kolkata Mumbai Delhi Madras 1
Where was the first ever session of the Indian National Congress held? Mumbai Kolkata Chennai Simla 1
Who presided over the first session of the Indian National Congress? Surendranath Banerjee Wyomesh Chandra Banerjee Ferozeshah Mehta Dadabhai Naoroji 2
What evoked a feeling of pride in the minds of the Indians? India won Cricket World Cup Indians built factories Indians founded universities The knowledge that India had a rich and ancient cultural heritage 4
In which principles did the Congress leaders believe? Picketing Road blockade Constitutional means Chain hungre strike 3