Flat buying

Amrapali is in news.  Not the Amrapali of Vaishali of the time of Ajathashatru.  It is Amprali Builders.  Many buyers had booked flats with them in 2011 and they have not got possession.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni was brand ambassador.  Many said they trusted Dhoni and went for Amrapali flats.  India had won the World Cup.  Dhoni was the captain.  They had faith in him and booked flats.  Dhoni quit as brand ambassador.  Harbhajan Singh said Dhoni did the right thing.  Amrapali had promised flats to cricketers after 2011 World Cup victory but did not give.  Amrapali official said villas are not given because players did not do paper work.  If they do paper work they will get villas after one year.  It means villas are not ready.

Similarly many other flat buyers are stuck.  Some had booked flats with Jaypee Builders.  One person said Jaypee spent the money on expressway and Formula One race course.  Flat construction has not even begun.

Flat buyers must do three things.

First, buy ready flats.  Don’t go for under construction flats.  You do not know when the construction will be over or whether it will be over at all.

Second, buy a flat with your own money.  Don’t borrow to buy a flat.  The money you borrow you have to pay back.  If you take a loan from a bank you have to pay interest which may be more than loan.  Many people are in grief because they took loans from banks and continue to pay equal monthly instalments while they have not got the possession of flats years after the proposed date.

Third, make full cheque payment.  If a builder demands part payment in cash don’t buy from him/her.