Dog Meat Festival

In China there is tradition of Dog Meat Festival. Some oppose it. They call themselves animal lovers or animal rights activists.
Food habits vary. I do not know how many fruitarians are there. There are vegans. There are vegetarians who do not eat eggs, fish and meat. There are different types of non-vegetarians. Some do not eat beef. Some do not eat pork. Burmese, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Vietnamese and some others eat meat of cats, dogs, rats, snakes and so on.
People who want to hold meat festivals should not be prevented. Otherwise somebody or the other will find something or the other objectionable. From ban on meat festivals there will be demand for ban on eating meat. Some will want ban on beef; some on pork; some on chicken; some on mutton; some on meat of cats, dogs, rats, snakes and so on. There will be people who will demand a ban on eggs and fish. Some will demand ban on onions, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes. Some will demand ban on milk and dairy products.
If a species is endangered there is justification for ban on hunting or killing any being that belongs to that species. Ban on whaling or hunting of endangered wild animals is just. Poaching is a crime. However if animals of a species multiply and become a problem, ban on killing them may be lifted. Many years ago there was a ban on killing kangaroos in Australia. Kangaroos multiplied and created problems for people. Australia lifted the ban on killing kangaroos. There are many stray dogs. They bark at all times. At night they disturb sleep. Ban on eating meat will result in multiplication of birds and animals and life will be difficult for human beings.